Short(er) Stories

Sometimes, a story is simple: One major character, one main plotline. One perspective.

Below are a sampling of some of my short stories. They span different genre, use different styles. Some are more whimsical, others depressing. I hope one or more resonates with you. If so, tell me about it!

On The Outside: A mother originally content to be separate from the family, but coming to grips with an eventual empty nest. Genre: Chick Lit

Bit: A woman faces a terrible trauma. (Writing As Genevieve O'Neil, published in Buffalo Tales) Genre: fiction.

Flare- PTSD epsisode from fifty years ago. Genre: Mainstream Micro Short.

Read these and other stories in "Jennifer's Shorts", available on Kindle for only $0.99.

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Coming Soon:

To Every Teacher Who Lectured Me About Not Reaching My Full Potential- a horrifying novella about a fourth-grader who has every reason not to concentrate in school.

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