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The Movement, a Blackman: The Revolution Short - BlackMan is a myth. 

In order to become a legend, he must face accusations of his own non-existence. He must overcome the knowledge of what America did to his ancestors, and he must go back and undo a mistake from the recent past. 

Only then will he bit fit to lead the Movement. 
Short story: $0.99 on Kindle

Excessive Force, a Blackman: The Revolution Short - 

Excessive Force is the first short story in the Blackman: The Revolution series. On his first trip out, Blackman discovers police assaulting a junkie. In order to stop the attack, he must risk his own freedom, as well as his vigilantist objective.

Short story: $0.99 on Kindle

To Every Teacher Who Ever Lectured Me About My Potential - When the word "Potential" gets dropped at her parent-teacher conference, precocious fourth-grader Jessie knows her day is ruined. But she has no idea how bad it can really get.

Although she gallantly tries to hold on to her feelings--and preserve her life in the process--she is unable to cope. Her abusive father and clueless mother drive Jessie toward school for solace. But a friend she makes reacts badly when Jessie spurns her inappropriate advance. Just when her father is acting human, her grandfather appears with his own brand of abuse. One Hell chases her into the next until she makes the only decision left to her to make. Softcover: 4.99  Kindle: 2.99

Talking Back: An Open Letter In Response to My Mother's Suicide Diaries - When my mother passed away suddenly in April 2013, I was left with one journal.

One journal to understand 20 years of repeated attempts at suicide.

But what I found was not just understanding, it was love; it was healing; it was forgiveness. 

Join me as I plumb some of the depths of suffering . . . and of love.

Buy the softcover here, or look for it on Kindle!

Jennifer's Shorts, including the novella "Attack of the Bloodthirsty Lesbian"-Our bisexual heroine goes on the vacation of a lifetime only to witness her crush getting raped by the same man who raped her as a child. When she loses her temper and kills the assailant, she must trust her girlfriend to keep her secret, despite the sensationalist news articles, and despite the disgust she can see in her lover's eyes.

Jennifer's Shorts, a collection of strange short stories and weird poetry, is availabe for Kindle for only $0.99! Check it out here. Buy the Book in softcover ($5.99) here.

Current Projects:

Scales-In the Eye of the Beholder -  A full re-write of the original Scales-Skin Deep. Merry Todd's dream of becoming a noteworthy xenoanthropologist is put to the test when she arrives on the G'Leo's homeworld. Can she juggle scientific objectivity and moral outrage when she finds the G'Leo being transformed into slaves? The fates of the world and two species lie in her hands--hands that will either write the future for both their peoples or bury them all.

Empowered: The Original Story -

Wedas always knew he'd be Chosen. But being chosen for a thing does not mean one is actually prepared for the consequences. Adulthood comes with tough decisions, and Wedas must grow up and confront them before he can ever become the greatest Wizard of all time. From an epic plauge to hazing, join Wedas as he learns the meaning of growth and adulthood in the wold of Rahm.

I Squared R -Wedas's activities in changing his world have resulted in a tear in time. While, in one version of history, there is a happy ending, in another version Wedas is not defeated. He goes back in time and into another Universe to find that his life is not his own. Determined to become the master of his own fate, Wedas plots to bring his author into his own world and take his whole world hostage.

In the meantime, the author has been going through some shit of her own. The last thing she needs is to be dragged into another universe and imprisoned with a dragon woman. It smacks too much of her own life. But will she realize in time that she has the power to change her story--and his--or will she hide from her life as she has always done, letting others write her endings?

Upcoming Projects:

Catastrophe -  Only four people notice the end of the world. And only these four people--along with the Muse who ended it--can bring the world back.

Fortune Debugged- The dominant form of life on the planet dubbed "Fortune" may
resemble earth insects initially, but when a man-sized rainbow centipede attacks an engineer and abducts a grad student, the resemblance--and the settlement--crumbles. If Dr. Augustine can get to the bottom of the kidnapping, she may discover more than just exobiology--she may discover why a whole planet would remake its fauna to impress a bunch of humans. Click here for an excerpt

Depression Colony - In 2250, an alien race convinces humans that mental illness is contagious. The Depression Colony is born--a place where people needing psychological adjustments can go to receive the help they need. But one woman soon learns that the Colony is not a refuge, not a treatment facility, and not even a prison; it is a black hole from which no one escapes. Why would the government dispose of such a high proportion of its citizenry, just when the colonization of the asteroid belt is in full swing? Only Antoinette can answer that. Antoinette, the Odd. Antoinette, the Melancholy. Antoinette, the Destroyer? Read the first chapter here.

Empowered: The Whole Story-When an oddball kid is "Chosen" to live with the grand Wizards of Muhr, he thinks his life has just begun. But the Wizards' vision of assisting the villagers is not enough for Wedas. So he helps in his own way, resulting in disaster after disaster. When the great Wizards of Muhr take Wedas aside to make him stop, he runs away, deciding to change his world or die trying.

Secretly he uncovers the power source for all magic in his world, and as he learns to manipulate it, he covers his tracks so well even his dragon doesn't know what he's doing. But the changes get bigger and bigger, stranger and more dangerous. The Wizards discover Wedas' activities. By now he is bitter, power-hungry, and bent on destroying everything if it cannot be his way. And there is only one way to stop him.

Coming Much Later, or Maybe Not at All:

Astrid Little's Cosmic Adventure Therapy- When she gets fired from her atrocious office job, our intrepid explorer seeks refuge in her apartment. But the universe conspires against her, getting her A. Little Therapy whether she likes it or not. Now she must explore strange worlds and stranger people to learn what it means to be brave

Gifted- A young genius struggles to live an average existence despite recurring delusions that everyone and everything is raping her. When her psychologist tries to help, she gets tangled in the painful world. They can only hope that their visions aren't true.

Disillusioned - when a young mother dies unexpectedly, her family expects to find some secrets. What they don't expect is to find an entire separate existence they knew nothing about. Could the same sweet mother be a woman deeply involved in S&M? Could her own lover have accidentally--or intentionally--killed her?

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