I don't know about you, but poetry helps me work through things. I hope it also helps you, even if only to give you a whimsical break to your day.


There once was a kitty
Whose back was itchy.
So she rubbed on a cactus at home.
The spines stuck in
And oh what a din,
the kitty made when the spines struck home.

"Get me out of this mess,"
She said with a hiss,
As she ran toward the kid with the gum.
Bright were his eyes
As he gave her surprise,
and where there had been hair there was none.

The kitty boo-hooed
until a dog, so Rude
Tried to bite the kitty real hard.
"I'll teach you!"
She said to the pooch,
As she turned and clawed him to shards.

Now she rubs everywhere
The cat with no hair
And no one stops her at all
'Cause the cactus spines
that stick out like tines
are nothing compared to her claws!

And "Maddie Mae":
I saw a girl today
who looked like Maddie Mae
She sat alone in a coffee shop
dressed in black and gray.
I wanted to sit, or pop
over, but didn't know what to say.

Could I tell her that her green
eyes still haunted me
without sounding crazy?
Could I wish for her to say
that she also missed me?
Would it be too gay?
Perhaps it's only me.

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