Friday, June 21, 2013

Wish You Could Have Seen It

I don't have one of your diary entries for today; I've been busting my tail so hard getting the two books out.
But they're done.

Remember how I told you about Scales? I thought it would be a 3-book series, and it turns out, it is. I finished book one and got it out on Amazon and others.

I did it.

This year was supposed to be my break-out year. I suppose it is, but I wish you could have seen it. I'm sorry I took so long to follow my dreams that you only saw the start of the changes.  But I did it, Mom, and you would be proud. I did justice to the story. It was a little sexier/romantic than I had planned it to be, but it works out, I think. There's a dearth of Sci-Fi Romance out there, so I think it'll work.

I remember telling you all about it on the phone. I told you "This is the one, Ma. this is the one I *have* to publish. I *have* to do right."

And I did it.

Remember when we went out to Panda Express, and I got the "Everthing will soon come your way" fortune? I have it hanging up in my cube, right over the invitation I made for your memorial service. I didn't expect the "everything" to include losing you. I thought it meant that God or Fate or Luck or whatever would start to turn all of the terrible, horrible things into good. Maybe he/she/it will yet. I can't see what good can come out of losing you. Except it put a fire under my ass to "Get busy living or get busy dying," and I'm chosing to live.

I wish you could read it, Mom. I know Sci-fi isn't your thing, but you did like your romance books, and this was right up your alley that way. I wish you could have seen it.


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